From a simple passion of wine to a small company crafting sparkling wine through a vision told by our eyes and our hands.

Our Story

Metodo Classico as a Passion


Roberto Fregnan has always been a fan of bubby wines, but it was during a car trip with a friend that he decided to start a small production as a ``game`` in one of the most suitable territories in Italy. At the beginning just a few bottles for friends and family were made thanks to a vineyard in concession in one of Italy’s most suitable areas. Roberto started in Northern Italy where some terroir features are well linked to the much loved Casentino area.

Vigna del Patriota


During the long wait of 36 months, Roberto began to imagine his own vineyard in Casentino completely dedicated to Metodo Classico. Once he tasted the first bottles, he was convinced that the first wine company completely dedicated to sparkling wine production in Casentino could become a reality. He began to plant 7,000 vines of Chardonnay and 3,000 of Pinot Noir in Buiano, a small hamlet near Poppi at an altitude between 430 meters above sea level and 485 meters above sea level.<br />

The Cellar


At the same time, Roberto planned a splendid wine-cellar seeing the opportunity to use the rocks of the vineyard as a ``dress`` to the liquid gold that will rest in it for at least 36 months. Juggling between difficulties, huge investments and intuitions, Cantina Fregnan found its shape, a small jewel in the beating heart of the greenest Casentino

The Organic Certificate


With the 2018 harvest the organic certification appeared on the label, but the company was actually under the organic management from the very beginning, in full respect of the marvelous valley that embraces and guards Cantina Fregnan and Vigna del Patriota.

The first ``real harvest


With the harvest of 2017, the ``game`` finally turned into a real activity, Roberto abandoned the vineyard he had in concession in Northern Italy to devote himself completely to the Vigna del Patriota. The yearwas, however, difficult, the frost that hit Casentino on April the 22nd reduced the production to only 20 quintals, shaking the certainties of a man accustomed to success that has transformed his passion in work.

The first bottle


The path started just as a passion in 2009 finally finds its true dimension: the bottle<br /> 2019 will bring the first wine fully produced in Casentino, starting from the Vigna del Patriota ``passing” through the beautiful cellar. The real beginning of the activity of Cantina Fregnan, the moment that Roberto and his wife Maria Grazia have been waiting for almost 10 years.